Are you interested in joining the lab? Having no research experience is okay! Even though we are doing research remotely, the lab is currently accepting undergraduate students. We are meeting weekly, and there are a variety of projects that are available to you, because we have a number of unfinished projects from the last few years that require more attention.

If you’re an undergrad interested in working with me, please send me an email [tmcglynn at], and please write a couple paragraphs about your research interests, your professional goals, and a screenshot or copy of your informal transcript would be nice.

While our department does have a Master’s program, I don’t actively recruit graduate students (mostly because our graduate program is unfunded, and MS student are expected to pay tuition.) Nonetheless, if because of your research interests, you imagine could be a particularly good fit for my lab, please email me a formal statement of research interests and professional goals, a CV, and an unofficial copy of transcripts.