Current Lab Members

TerryTerry McGlynn, Associate Professor of Biology

Terry mostly works on questions involving the ecology of tropical ants, and anything else on these pages.






Loan Anh Do , Graduate student

Loan is new to the lab, and is now reading a lot to prepare for her first field season.





Doris Muniz, Graduate student

Doris is in the Environmental Science program, and is working to understand how heavy metal accumulation in urban areas may facilitate the spread of a particulary insidious invasive species.


ValerieValerie Neino , Graduate student

Valerie is figuring out how odors mediate nest movement decisions in the gypsy ant, Aphaenogaster araneioides.






Erica Parra, Undergraduate
Erica is working to understand how spatial variation in productivity and forest age influence the diets of bullet ants, and in turn how this affects digestive endosymbionts.






Cynthia Riggall, Undergraduate
Cynthia is working to understand how mammalian digestive parasites vary among critters in the rainforest.






Peter Tellez , Undergraduate
Peter has worked on the feeding behavior and spatial biology of the bullet ant Paraponera clavata, has developed a project in the lab to evaluate the thermal biology of the litter-nesting ant community and responses to climate change, and now is asking how the densities of trampling vertebrates affect the community structure of ants in the rainforest.



Some alumni

Hannah Larson, Graduate student (2011-2012)
Hannah figured out how the bullet ant Paraponera clavata
has microbial symbionts, where they are more abundant, and how they respond to diet with a set of observational and manipulative experiments. She's now in a D.P.T. program at the Universityof Washington.




Elizabeth Hall, Undergraduate (2010-2012)
Beth's heart is in the ocean, though she is has helped figure out how and perhaps why intraspecific thievery is happening in Ectatomma ruidum. Her work was conducted collaboratively with Jenny Jandt (now at Iowa State University).

Ching-Yu Huang, Postdoc (2009)
Ching-Yu is currently on a postdoc at UC Santa Cruz. She worked on the CICLOS project to understand the trophic structure of the litter food web at La Selva.

Stefanie Mattingly, undergraduate (2007-2009)
As her day job, Stefanie was the master of all thing cnidarian, and she investigated cues for defensive behavior of ants experiencing army ant raids, in a collaboration with systematist and Stenamma expert Michael Branstetter, now with the Smithsonian Institution.

Evan Poirson, undergraduate (2007-2009)
Evan spent his second field season in Costa Rica to investigate how litter decomposition responds to nutrient and faunal gradients in the rainforest. He presented this work at the International Congress of Entomology in Durban, South Africa. He finished the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and is now in graduate school at Duke in the School of the Environment.


RET Participants

Justin Betzelberger (2008)

Felicia Burt (2010)

Dan McDonnell (2011)

Dave Hicks (2011)

Eric Renfro (2013)

Ulises Dumas (2013)

Some field crews

La Selva CSUDH Crew Summer 2012:
Rear: Joey Barlog, Terry McGlynn, Melody Castellon, John Thomlinson, Valerie Neino, Danyal Jones, Jennifer Boren, Peter Tellez, Hannah Larson;  Front: Erica Parra, Cindy Rigall, Anna Vasquez, Carolina Lopez


La Selva CSUDH Crew Summer 2009:
Left to Right: Thuy-Tien Hoang, Terry McGlynn, Toyin Dunn, Ching-Yu Huang, Ellen Wayman, Kim Hoffmann

La Selva CSUDH Crew January 2009:
Top: Brandi Douglas, Stefanie Mattingly, Melinda Weaver, Alvaro Cervantes, Felicia Burt, Graciela Bravo; Bottom: Terry McGlynn, Tyler Stuart (of Occidental College)