Terry McGlynn Brief CV, March 2014

Terry McGlynn

Depatment of Biology

California State University Dominguez Hills

1000 E. Victoria Street

Carson, CA 90747 USA

Office: +1 (310) 243-1077

Mobile: +1 (626) 487-7314

Email: terry.mcglynn@gmail.com

Lab: www.leaflitter.org

Blog: smallpondscience.com

Academic appointments

Associate Professor of Biology, CSU Dominguez Hills        2010-current

Assistant Professor of Biology, CSU Dominguez Hills       2007-2010

Assistant Professor of Biology, University of San Diego        2000-2007

Assistant Professor of Biology (Visiting), Gettysburg College        1999-2000

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Houston        1999

Instructor, University of California Education Abroad Program        1998

Adjunct appointments

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, Occidental College        2007- current

Research Associate, San Diego Natural History Museum        2005-2008


Ph.D. 1999  Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology, University of Colorado

A.B.    1993  Biology, Occidental College, Los Angeles

Peer-Reviewed Publications since 2010 (about 45 since 1999)

Larson, H.K., S.K. Goffredi, E.L. Parra, O. Vargas, A. Pinto-Tomas, T.P. McGlynn. 2014. Distribution and dietary regulation of an associated facultative Rhizobiales-related bacterium in the omnivorous Giant Tropical Ant, Paraponera clavata. Naturwissenschaften. DOI: 10.1007/s00114-014-1168-0

Jandt, J.M., H.K. Larson, P. Tellez, T.P. McGlynn. 2014. To drink or to grasp? How bullet ants (Paraponera clavata) differentiate between sugars and proteins in liquids. Naturwissenschaften DOI: 10.1007/s00114-013-1109-3

McGlynn, T.P., A. Alonso-Rodriguez, M. Weaver. 2013. An experimental test of species-energy theory: patch occupancy and colony size in tropical rainforest litter-nesting ants. Oikos 122: 1357-1361.

Guénard, B. and T.P. McGlynn. 2013. Intraspecific thievery in the Ant Ectatomma ruidum is mediated by food availability. Biotropica 45: 497-502.

McGlynn, T.P., E.K. Poirson. 2012. Ants accelerate litter decomposition in a Costa Rican lowland tropical rain forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology 28: 437-443.

Huang, C., K.L. Tully, D.A. Clark, S.F. Oberbauer, T.P. McGlynn. 2012. The δ15N signature of the detrital food web tracks a landscape-scale soil phosphorus gradient in a Costa Rican lowland tropical rain forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology 28: 395-403.

McGlynn, T.P., S.E. Diamond, R.R. Dunn. 2012. Tradeoffs in the evolution of caste and body size in the hyperdiverse ant genus Pheidole. PLOS One 7: e48202

McGlynn, T.P.  2012. The ecology of nest movement in social insects.  Annual Review of Entomology 57: 291-308.

Jenkins, C.N.  N.J. Sanders, A.N. Andersen, X. Arnan, C.A. Brühl, X. Cerda, A.M. Ellison, B.L. Fisher, M.C. Fitzpatrick, N.J. Gotelli, A.D. Gove, B. Guénard, J.E. Lattle, J.-P. Lessard, T.P. McGlynn, S.B.

Menke, C.L. Parr, S.M. Philpott, H.L. Vasconcelos, M.D. Weiser, R.R. Dunn. 2011. Global diversity in light of climate change: the case of ants. Diversity and Distributions 17: 652-662.

Wood, W.F., Hoang, T. and T.P. McGlynn. 2011. Volatile components from the mandibular glands of the turtle ants, Cephalotes alfaroi and C. cristatus.  Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 39: 135-138.

McGlynn, T.P.  2010. Serial monodomy in the gypsy ant Aphaenogaster araneoides: does nest odor reduction influence colony relocation?  Journal of Insect Science 10: 204.

McGlynn, T.P., T. Dunn, E. Wayman, and A. Romero.  2010.  A thermophile in the shade: light-directed nest relocation in the Costa Rican ant Ectatomma ruidum.  Journal of Tropical Ecology 26: 559-562.

Weiser, M.D., N.J. Sanders, D. Agosti, A.N. Andersen, X. Arnan, C.A. Bruhl, X. Cerda, A.M. Ellison, B.L. Fisher, M.C. Fitzpatrick, H. Gibb, N.J. Gotelli, A.D. Gove, B. Guenard, M. Janda, M. Kaspari, E.J. Laurent, J-P. Lessard, J.T. Longino, J.D. Majer, S.M. Menke, T.P. McGlynn, C.L. Parr, S.M. Philpott, M. Pfeiffer, J. Retana, A. Suarez, H. Vasconcelos, S.P. Yanoviak, R.R. Dunn.  2010. Canopy and litter ant assemblages share similar climate-species density relationships.  Biology Letters 6: 769-772.

McGlynn, T.P., M.D. Weiser and R.R. Dunn. 2010.  More individuals but fewer species – Tests of the more individuals hypothesis from experiments on a diverse tropical fauna.  Biology Letters 6: 490-493.

Foucaud, J., J. Orivel, A. Loiseau, J. H. C. Delabie, H. Jourdan, D. Konghouleux, M. Vonshak, M. Tindo, J.-L. Mercier, D. Fresneau, J.-B. Mikissa, T.P. McGlynn, A. S. Mikheyev, J. Oettler and A. Estoup.  2010. Worldwide invasion by the little fire ant: routes of introduction and eco- evolutionary pathways.  Evolutionary Applications 3: 363-374.

McGlynn, T.P. 2010. Polygyny in thief ants responds to competition and nest limitation but not food resources. Insectes Sociaux 57: 23-28.

McGlynn, T.P. 2010. Effects of biogeography on community diversity. Nature Education Knowledge 1:32.

McGlynn, T.P. 2010.  How does social behavior evolve? Nature Education Knowledge 1:33.

Suarez, A.V., T.P. McGlynn, N.D. Tsutsui.  2010.  Biogeographic and taxonomic patterns of introduced ants.  in: Ant Ecology, L. Lach, K. Abbott, and K. Parr, eds, Oxford University Press.


Extramural Grants and Awards since 2007 (exceeding $5 million as PI and Co-PI)

2013-2018 “CSUDH Robert Noyce Scholarship Program” National Science Foundation DUE-1339961, (Co-PI) $800,000.

2013-2016 “International Research Experiences For Students: Carbon, Fire and Climate Change in Australia,” National Science Foundation OISE-1261015, (PI) $249,922.

2012-2015 “Tropical Ecology Mentorship Program of CSU Dominguez Hills,” National Science Foundation, OISE-1130156, (PI) $149,626.

2010-2016 “Noyce Master Teacher Fellowship Initiative at California State University Dominguez Hills,” National Science Foundation DUE-1035131, (Co-PI) $2,998,201.

2009-2012 “International Research Experiences for Students: Tropical Ecology Mentorship Program of Southern California,” National Science Foundation, OISE –0854259, (PI) $150,677.

2005-2009, “International Research Experiences for Students: Tropical Ecology Mentorship Program of Southern California,” National Science Foundation Grant No. OISE-0526551,; OISE-0749047 transfer of award, (PI) $49,354

2005-2009 “Complex interactions among water, nutrients and carbon stocks and fluxes across a natural fertility gradient in tropical rain forest,” National Science Foundation Grant No. EAR-0421178 (Co-PI) $1,638,730.

2007-2009, “Edaphic and climatic determinants of ant biodiversity across western Australia” National Geographic Society, PI, $18,532.



Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, CSU Dominguez Hills, 2011

President, International Union for the Study of Social Insects, North Amer. Section, 2010

George C. Eickwort Student Research Award, International Union for the Study of Social Insects, North American Section, 1999

Editorial service

2012 – 2013                     Contributor, Principles of Biology textbook published by Nature

2010 – current                Subject editor for Biotropica

Courses taught since 2000

Southwestern Research Station/American Museum of Natural History

Ants of the Southwest (3 times)

Organization for Tropical Studies

Social Insects in the Tropics, Faculty resource person (2012)

Tropical Biology: An Ecological Approach, Faculty resource person (4 times)

Occidental College

Biostatistics (Spring 2012)

California State University, Dominguez Hills

Advances and Misconceptions in Science and Science Teaching (2011-2014)

Graduate Biostatistics (once annually, 2007-2010; each semester, 2011-current)

General Biology, Laboratory (1-2 sections annually, 2007-2011)

Independent Study in Biology (4-6 participants annually, 2007-current)

Seminar in Biomedical and Biological Research (2009, 2011)

Principles of Biology II, Laboratory (4 sections annually, 2007-2010)

University of San Diego

Behavioral Ecology, Lecture and Laboratory (annually, 2000-2005)

Biology of Organisms, Lecture and Laboratory (every semester, 2000-2006)

Ecology, Laboratory (2001)

Insect Biology, Lecture and Laboratory (annually, 2001-2006)

Teacher Preparation and Education Professional Development Experience

Director of Science Subject Matter Preparation, CSUDH, 2011 – current         

Teaching in Science Advisor at CSUDH, 2010 – current

Google Digital Ambassador to CSU Dominguez Hills (conducted by the CSU Chancellor’s office in partnership with Google), 2012 – 2013

Co-facilitator of inquiry learning institutes for LAUSD high school biology teachers


Mentor to K-12 teachers researching at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

2013      Ulises Dumas (Edison Middle School, LAUSD)

2010      David Hicks (Sun Valley High School, LAUSD)

2010      Daniel McDonnell (Sun Valley High School, LAUSD)

2009      Felicia Burt (Jefferson High School, LAUSD)

2008      Justin Betzelberger (East Valley High School, LAUSD)

M.S. thesis supervision

Felicia Burt (2011) Hannah Larson (2012), Valerie Neino (2014), Doris Muniz (2014), Loan Anh Do (2014)


Graduate advising committees

Dudenka Anaya (2009), Alice Adkins (2010), Matt Bettino (2010), Rizwana Kauzer (2010), Kacie Barton (2012), Christina Kieffer (2013), Karter Boutros (2013), Jennifer Boren (2014), Rolando Lopez (2014)

Postdoctoral Advisees

Ching-Yu Huang (2010); currently a postdoc at UC Santa Cruz

Recent Institutional Service at CSU Dominguez Hills

University Senate, 2013-current

University Committee on Educator Preparation, 2008-current

Biology Committee on Retention, Tenure and Promotion, 2011-current

Science Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP) Director, May 2011-current

Teaching in Science Advisor, Jan 2010 – current

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences Advisory Council on Research, 2012-2014

University Grade Appeals Review Board Investigator, Spring 2012

Biology Graduate Committee, 2007-current

Biology Curriculum Committee, 2008-current

Biology Space Committee, 2008-current